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Puget Sound

To generate a Summary Report, select a county from the map on the left.

Understanding the Data

The information currently included in the Project Atlas represents a subset of Puget Sound protection and restoration projects. All projects included were financed, in part, by state funded grants administered or tracked by Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) as of October 2005 or later. Projects in the database advance – either directly or indirectly – one or more Puget Sound Vital Signs. The Partnership hopes to add additional projects conducted or administered by other state, local, federal, tribal and private entities. Functionality to enable the sorting of projects by year and completion status will also be added.

Some projects with worksites in the Puget Sound area have additional worksites outside the Puget Sound area. Costs shown on this webpage may include those outlying worksites. If a project has worksites in multiple geographic areas, then the project total will be reported in multiple geographic areas. For now, the dollars associated with Statewide/Unmapped projects are not included in any funding amounts reported on the map or summary. If a project is related to more than one Vital Sign, then the project and related funding will be counted multiple times.

Set the Project Atlas View

Using the controls located below the map, you can:

  • Filter by any or all 21 Vital Signs and/or
  • Summarize by one of these Summary Areas: the entire Puget Sound, County, Legislative District or Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) and
  • View the atlas on Street, Aerial, or Topo maps

The Summary Panel displays data which reflects filters and areas you have chosen.

Statewide and Unmapped Projects can be accessed by selecting them from the expandable list below this Summary Panel.

Take a Closer Look

  • Click on any Map Marker to view detailed project information. Users will then have the option to click on the ‘Project Snapshot’ link that will take them to the RCO Project Snapshot webpage, which contains more in-depth information about each project
  • Double-click on the map to enlarge it.
  • Click and drag anywhere on the map to reposition it in the window.

Connect with PSP

To offer feedback or to discuss a project with the Puget Sound Partnership, select the Feedback Link, located directly below the map.